Architectural Design

Our office is staffed by two generations of architects. We are a creative studio of architects, engineers and interior designers located in Southern Athens.

Residential and Commercial Design

We work collaboratively with highly experienced and knowledgeable teams, from all branches of engineering, to enrich and expand our services and results, and can undertake any large-scale high-end project, meeting the most demanding specifications.
Our approach is modern, anthropocentric, and incorporates a wide range of contemporary methods, delivering timeless designs and bioclimatic solutions of low environmental imprint and lasting quality.

Our Clients

We create lasting relationships with all of our faithful clients. Meet some of our partners.


Interior Design

Our background in art, environmental sensitivity, holistic approach, and cutting-edge technology involvement, have produced unique architectural solutions in more than forty years of involvement.

Kitchen & Bar Design

Kitchen and Bar design is a critical component to the functionality of any house or the success of a restaurant or bar. We specialize in delivering modern functional kitchens and bars with ergonomic design.

Residential Gallery

Add value to your property!

Let us help you make the most of your property. Gain assets and remove liabilities:
  • We want to know what drives you and what inspires you. Let's visualize your ideas.
  • We will work around your needs and present you with some preliminary concepts.
  • Once you are happy with one solution, we will produce 2D and 3D permit designs.
  • With more than forty years of experience, we will oversee all construction works.

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Architecture is the will of an epoch translated into space.

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