Angelo Baltoyannis

Architect and Urban Planner

Angelo Baltoyannis (Άγγελος Μπαλτογιάννης) is an MSc Architect and Urban Planner. He studied architecture initially at Sapienza Università in Rome, Italy, and graduated from the National Technical University of Greece. His postgraduate studies are on Sustainable Architecture, Urban Planning, and Photography. Since 2003 he was professionally engaged as a senior architect and partner in many established architectural offices in Athens, and in 2010 he founded ArchiCulture in Glifada, an innovative construction-oriented company.

His background in art, environmental sensitivity, holistic approach, and cutting-edge technology involvement, have produced unique architectural solutions in more than twenty years of professional involvement.

He additionally has extensive participation in the production of the five best-seller historical books by author G. Baltoyannis, both as a graphic designer and as an editor in chief. 

Photographer and Explorer

Alongside his work as an architect and historical researcher, his passion for backcountry exploration and motorcycle travel has been a constant compass in his life. He has traveled extensively on many adventure tours and overland expeditions, and in 2017 he co-founded Mythical Routes, in an effort to combine the scientific knowledge that he had acquired all these years, with his passion.

His work has been welcomed and highlighted by many established global brands like Klim, Enduristan, and AltRider, overland magazines like Overland Journal, Overland Times, and i-Focus, and iconic photography brands like Nikon Greece.



Architecture is the will of an epoch translated into space.

Pl. Nimfon 1
Glifada 16674