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ECO Building Alimos

The ECO-Smart housing development consists of a two-building complex on a site of a total of 1595 sq.m, located in the southern district of the Kalamaki municipality in Athens. Despite the urban development of the wide area, the view from the buildings to the sea has no limit due to the ideal location of the site, which is the key to such a construction, not only for the view but also for the means of public transportation.

Alimos Dionysiou 00002

The reasons in relation to the site location that make this construction special and unique are the rooftop photovoltaic panels, heat pumps, pioneering high-tech and high-quality aluminum frames, heat treatment facades, intelligent energy mechanical installations, and more.

The architectural synthesis is based on horizontal volumes and planes floating on the main body of the structure, forming balconies and exterior seating areas with views to the sea by use of glass parapets. In regard to the layout of each building, the first one consists of 6 floors with 2 apartments per floor, one large apartment of 141 sq.m with 3 bedrooms, and another of 111 sq.m with 2 bedrooms.

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Every two floors the interior layout of the apartment varies in style and size. Building number two consists of 6 floors with one apartment on each. Both buildings sit on 2 basements with shared storage facilities and parking areas

Alimos Dionysiou 00002

Architecture is the will of an epoch translated into space.

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