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Lagonisi Villa

There are many ways to work on the principles of a villa design, and in this case, water and curves were the two design pillars. Located in Lagonisi, and just 1km away from the Athenian riviera seafront, this 200 sq.m. two-level villa features an impressive 1000 sq.m. basement covered by 40cm of water and illuminated by waterproof openings on the water element's floor.

The structure features a curved facade with all main beams arch-shaped. All facade windows are also curved and highlight the fluid design. In front of the basement is located a vast swimming pool area and on the left is located a jacuzzi.

Lagonisi Project 02

All subterranean and exterior pool and bbq areas help double the living space of the villa, maximizing the vast 4K sq.m. lot.

Lagonisi Project 02

Architecture is the will of an epoch translated into space.

Pl. Nimfon 1
Glifada 16674